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The Secret Life of Chocolate: Part 4

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By Cat Viglienzoni — May 7, 2011

The last part of The Secret Life of Chocolate, the D block, adds more of a social context to chocolate’s use. Louis Grivetti tells us of a few notable events where chocolate was featured (I bet you didn’t know about its role on Mount Everest). I finish off the show profiling a chocolatier in my hometown of Santa Cruz, CA, Mackenzies Chocolates. Owner Ian Mackenzie explains the process behind making molded chocolates – and they have quite a few molds there (check out the shot of the wall of molds in the show)!

One of the hardest things overall was just keeping the show from being an hour or so long. There is so much about chocolate beyond that it is delicious. (Case in point: the book that Grivetti and Shapiro co-edited, Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage, was 900 pages or so long.) Because this show was also part of my Honors thesis, I went to town on the background research, so I had to work on not getting too carried away.

I realized I have not given a shout out to some others who helped out in particular – my incredibly patient anchors Kayla Harrity and Lynn Herman, my also-incredibly-patient primary director and go-to person when I was clueless, Stephanie Greenland, and teacher Marsha Della-Giustina. Special thanks to Tim and Carrie for showing me how to do editing tricks that I had NO idea existed and putting up with me consistently staying five minutes over closing time every night. A shout out to Anna Waldman-Brown and the MIT Lab for Chocolate Science for letting me come over really late at night to shoot the science bits (and borrow a double boiler!). Of course other people helped too, but I’m not going to go bad-Oscar-speech-style and list every single one of them here.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this show as much as I enjoyed producing it (and yes, despite all the near-sleepless nights and stress, I did enjoy it). If you found something particularly interesting, feel free to say so in the comments for that particular block – I’d love to hear it!

And I apologize if I now have you craving chocolate… I ate far, far too much this semester myself! (The things one must do in the name of research…)



Written by Cat Viglienzoni

May 7, 2011 at 1:12 AM

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