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Libya Rally at Copley Square: Part 2, WEBN News, Spring 2011

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By Cat Viglienzoni — May 11, 2011

Here’s the promised part 2 of the Libya rally coverage that I did on February 26 after the rally in Boston’s Copley Square. Protesters gathered to demonstrate against Colonel Gadhafi’s regime in Libya and raise awareness about the growing violence there. I went there with a friend and got to hear from some of those affected personally by the violence.

For this piece, Stephanie Greenland helped me shoot my standup and some interviews – the rest of the shooting and reporting I did on my own.

I will have to say that I think this is the best piece I have done to date. I felt my shooting and writing worked, and the content was strong. There are a few minor things that could be tweaked in retrospect, and I certainly look as cold and windblown as I was out there that day, but I am proud of this one.

Obviously, there was an anchor lead-in and lower-thirds (those are the names identifying the people speaking, for those who aren’t in on the TV jargon) when it ran in the broadcast on March 3.

This piece is one example of how to take a world event and localize it. As the violence in Libya continues, the stories of people like Bagegni and Azzabi continue to remain timely and relevant.

Here’s a link to Part 1 of my coverage, in case you missed it. There’s a link there to the web version of the story that I did that day for WEBN’s website.

And finally… here’s the NAT sound piece that I did a standup for at the rally and Stephanie edited down later on for the web that day. It’s just to give you a sense of the scene there.



Written by Cat Viglienzoni

May 11, 2011 at 11:17 PM

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