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Boston Marathon Preparation PKG, Spring 2011

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By Cat Viglienzoni — June 14, 2011

There are times when your personal life and your reporter life will intersect. One such case happened for my classmate Meghan Lamontagne’s show, where I was assigned to be a reporter. Her show was on health, and she wanted her last block to be about the Boston Marathon. Since she knew I’d been training all semester for the marathon, she wanted me to do a piece about my preparation for the race to close out the show.

This piece was shot at the end of March, and aired on April 14, a few days before the marathon.

Meghan did the shooting for this piece.

This piece was challenging for me because it was almost entirely on-camera, with me telling my story. I prefer telling my story off-camera, with b-roll illustrating what I am saying. But then again, every other story I’ve covered has not been about me. So making sure that I spoke and shot in ways that could easily be edited later was a bit tricky, and I probably could have done a better job transitioning between pieces.

Also, the lav mic we were given didn’t work (again) and they didn’t have another one, so we had to try to wrangle a regular handheld mic while also doing the demos I needed to do. It was not ideal. And we had to shoot in my room, which was in a basement, so I had to finagle the lighting so that it was bright enough.

And yes, I had run 21 miles that morning prior to shooting this piece.

It was also different for me because I opted to wear what I was planning to wear on race day. It seemed weird to do a piece on my training while wearing business attire.

And what am I doing anchoring, you may ask? Well, it just so happened that the classmate who was slated to anchor couldn’t do it, and since Meghan had stepped up to fill a live shot in my show, I stepped up and filled the anchor desk for hers. To be clear, I don’t want to be behind the desk. In this case it was fun and it made for some nice banter with my co-anchor and friend Justine Frostad, but I’ll leave the anchoring up to people who want to be on camera for that long.

A disclaimer: I ran the marathon unofficially, as a “bandit” runner. That means I crossed the start line in Hopkinton after the numbered runners and crossed the finish line at the Boston Public Library with them. But as far as the B.A.A. is concerned, I wasn’t there, and you won’t find a time for me anywhere. It was somewhere around 4 hours. I didn’t get an exact time. I’ve done that three times so far, with a personal best of 3:56:19.



Written by Cat Viglienzoni

June 14, 2011 at 6:41 PM

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