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Cueing the sound clips, manning the sound board, reading from the computer scripts, and speaking into the mic, all at the same time. Welcome to radio broadcasting!

By Cat Viglienzoni — July 7, 2011

I was getting nostalgic after the first day of my new job, and the radio section of my work was rather lacking. Now, I’m not going to post all of my WERS radio work because that would require uploading an entire year’s worth of work, but there were a couple breaks I particularly liked, for whatever reason.

This one [April 5, 2011] was probably one of my best, if not my best:

This [April 14, 2011] was a pretty good hour break I did (yes, I edited out the traffic because it was boring):

And this was probably my favorite reporter piece, the day after the San Bruno, CA gas line explosion and fire. I wasn’t scheduled to work that day, but I was in the newsroom and happened to know someone who lived right by there.

Now, those above were all serious pieces done for WERS that were actually meant to air. On occasion, however, I did class pieces as well that were amusing. Like the “Your Highness” one.

A classmate of mine did a radio show for her practicum show (the same one in which I did the chocolate show!), with a edgier and funnier slant. I was tasked with reporting for it, on some entertainment-related story. WERS’ public affairs show “You Are Here” had just done an hour on comedy, and they had an interview with actor Danny McBride about his upcoming movie “Your Highness” that they let me re-purpose for the class piece. I called the fans and did those interviews myself.

Though I enjoy doing TV news… I’m really going to miss radio!

Here’s a promo for WERS News… shot on my last day working at the station. I’m in the black dress throughout doing my last on-air broadcasts for the station and teaching the incoming anchor the ropes. (That is NOT me in the screen grab there.)



Written by Cat Viglienzoni

July 7, 2011 at 10:29 PM

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