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Katherine Paterson PKGs WCAX, 10/14 & 10/19 2011

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By Cat Viglienzoni — February 22, 2012

Delving back through last year’s work that I have yet to post to here, I found my interviews with author Katherine Paterson.

Like with Tomie dePaola, I had read Paterson’s work before and loved it — so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to interview her about her latest work, “The Flint Heart,” which she co-wrote with her husband. They were so nice.

While talking to her (and going through the interviews later on), I realized there were two stories to tell: hers, and her new book’s. So out of that interview came the first piece, a profile of Paterson as an author, which aired for the 6 p.m. news on October 14.

The second piece aired in our Books Over Breakfast segment on the morning show on October 19 and focused on the creation of her newest work.

The second piece I forgot to grab the on-air version for, so there are no supers or anchor intro because I had to pull it from our video file.

I was really impressed by her insights on writing and the way our society today perceives and takes in works of literature, as well as how our language has changed and is still changing. It’s one of those interviews I’m very fortunate to have had the ability to do at my job.



Written by Cat Viglienzoni

February 22, 2012 at 4:54 PM

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