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Grossology Exhibit PKG WCAX 9/23/11

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By Cat Viglienzoni — March 18, 2012

This SHOULD be the last of my older reporter work that needs to be uploaded — I think I have everything up now. Hooray for being on top of things finally!

This was a fun piece for me to do, not only because it involved lots of interesting opportunities for nat sound pops and interesting visuals. I love science (why I’ve got the science beat at the station for now) and being able to do this piece let me exercise my inner science geek.

This piece debuted on our morning show in both hours, but I only got a copy of the 6 p.m. version because I forgot to record the morning ones.

Full disclosure, I also volunteer at ECHO one day a week (for the same reason that I love science and love teaching people about different creatures/phenomena when I get the chance). That said, other than knowing about the exhibit because I volunteer there, what I was doing at ECHO day-to-day had very little to do with that exhibit.



Written by Cat Viglienzoni

March 18, 2012 at 12:05 PM

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