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WCAX East Montpelier Bear Problem PKG, 5/18/12

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By Cat Viglienzoni — May 23, 2012

Vermont has bears.

This should shock… nobody. But as you can imagine, it’s quite shocking for a family to find bears rummaging around in their backyard in the wee hours of the morning, killing their chickens and causing a big mess. Several Vermonters in the East Montpelier area reported such behavior this spring, so I went down to do a report on it when I filled in on Friday for a reporter.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be doing a piece outside. I couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop for my standup (although getting light bounced off into my  face and trying not to squint too much was a bit of a challenge). I was able to turn the piece around fairly quickly, thanks to the fact that a co-worker had already gotten the biologist’s interview when he was working on a different piece about bears (there is quite a bit of bear news here in Vermont, at least recently).

I thought it was a solid piece overall — and I was able to do some work for my shows while I was there and shoot an Everything Animals segment for the future on breeding/raising baby goats (the woman in the piece had some 5-day-old ones!).



Written by Cat Viglienzoni

May 23, 2012 at 3:53 PM

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