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WCAX Tiny Turtles Released PKG 6/27/12

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By Cat Viglienzoni — June 28, 2012

Yesterday’s story was one of my favorites I’ve gotten to do so far. It was about tiny turtles!

More specifically, it was about the spiny softshell turtles being released after wintering at ECHO so that they would grow for 6 months instead of hibernating the whole time. A larger size would give them more of a chance of avoiding being eaten and therefore a better chance they would survive the 12 or so years it takes to get to an age where they can reproduce.

There were two types of turtles in the piece — the spiny softshell turtle and the map turtle. The spiny softshell turtles are threatened species here in Vermont, which is the only New England state with a native population of them.

I have to give a shout-out to my photographer on this piece, Joe Carroll — he did a really good job making the piece so visual.

Had to love the wind-blown hair in my standup though — there was really nothing I could do to fix it, since I was holding two tiny turtles at the time. And we were in a rush because I needed to get back to the station to make deadline.

All in all, one of my favorite pieces.

Posing with a baby spiny softshell turtle before releasing it. Fortunately, it didn’t bite me. Would have made for great TV though.



Written by Cat Viglienzoni

June 28, 2012 at 2:37 PM

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  1. […] piece I ended up doing was actually a follow-up to my previous piece over the summer on the spiny softshell turtle hatchlings’ release. This time, I checked in at […]

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