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WCAX UVM Student iTree Program 10/1/12

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By Cat Viglienzoni — October 1, 2012

I was back on the air again today… twice, as it turns out. The second post will come tomorrow or Wednesday after the other piece airs later tonight.

The first piece today was actually shot on Friday, but they let me hold it for Monday morning because we’re usually short on content then. I got to do a science feature on a program through UVM’s environmental school that is looking to determine the impact of Burlington’s urban forests. They’re using a USDA Forest Service program called iTree to do so.

I livesided the piece twice during my show and then added a standup close for the later show. I thought this piece turned out pretty straight-to-the-point — I’d be interested to see how the software actually works though.

Since I also did the webcast for the day… let it never be said that I didn’t get my mileage out of my makeup.



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