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WCAX Everything Animals: Owls 101 2/25/13

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By Cat Viglienzoni — March 11, 2013

Almost done with February’s work… last one! This one was an Everything Animals piece that I got to shoot about which owls were active this time of year in Vermont and what people could look (and listen) for to identify them.

I got to meet a barred owl, a great horned owl, an eastern screech owl, and a northern saw-whet owl. It was a rather impressive array of birds (though some were drastically different sizes, as you can tell!)

It aired on February 25 during our 6 a.m. hour for Everything Animals, and then the 6 p.m. news aired a version with the intro cut off.

It was a really fun piece to do, since I am rather partial to owls. I have a soft spot for them. Shooting datas (promos) with the owls too was fun — especially Elfric, the screech owl. Turns out that if you ask him nicely, he WILL look at the camera for you:

Yes, he is missing an eye — most of the birds had something wrong with their vision that prevented them from being returned to the wild and surviving there. So instead they get to be educational ambassadors for those curious about owls.



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