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In front of a jellyfish tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I also have a fascination with marine life.

I’m a multimedia journalist who graduated from Emerson College in Boston in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism and Writing, Literature, and Publishing. My double major means that I work across print, radio, television, web… you name it.

Currently, I work as the morning news producer at WCAX-TV in Burlington, VT. Here’s my station bio, which is definitely shorter than this post here. And it has a better picture.

An obligatory disclaimer… this blog is my personal site and though it may contain work I’ve done at the station, it is not part of my work for/with the station and is not endorsed by the station. Disclaimer over.

My main interests include news, science, running, and chocolate, but I am curious about almost everything. Thus, expect to find on this blog a variety of topics and writing styles – some in a professional tone (so, the coverage I do for news organizations), others more opinionated with snark and/or hyperbole thrown in (most likely from when I was still in college doing this blog as a class project). And if you look at the posts, they’re tagged accordingly, so no one confuses my opinion with my news (My philosophy is that the two are not and should not be considered interchangeable. Opinion is personal take, news is fact only.).

As far as my experience goes, before working at WCAX, I produced and anchored news at WERS 88.9 FM in Boston, where I began as a web writer and a reporter for the regular newscasts, as well as the award-winning public affairs show “You Are Here.” I also reported for TV on EIV News’ award-winning live newscast “News at 9.” I was also EIV’s first web producer, where I worked with the writers to generate longer news content for our site and set the format and standards for the station’s future web producers. In the 2010 summer and fall, I also co-produced, wrote, and anchored the news for “Noise Week,” a 2-hour edgier online radio talk show on ETIN, and hosted “Cat Scan,” a 15-minute science news segment in the second hour (from which my blog gets its name). I also worked for the newspaper The Berkeley Beacon for three years as (first) a staff writer and (then) deputy arts & entertainment editor, where I covered the Emerson Stage beat and helped choose and assign content to other writers.

My internships include working as a writer at my hometown daily paper, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, and as the midday/evening news intern for WCVB-TV in the Boston area.

I’m from Santa Cruz, California and would love to go back to work there at some point, but I’m looking forward to seeing where I end up and trying new things. I also am constantly aiming to improve my work, which is why many of my pieces will include a self-critique in the post. I do not ever want to get to the point where I think I have learned everything there is to know because I love learning and growing.

I’m going to be honest… I’m not going to be posting as regularly anymore now that I’m out of school and into the real world. But if you want more succinct and regular updates… there’s a solution!

Follow me on Twitter (although let’s be honest… I don’t use this a lot either): @WCAX_Cat

Or, if reading posts isn’t your thing, look for just my videos on YouTube: catviglienzoni



Written by Cat Viglienzoni

February 11, 2011 at 7:26 PM

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